MANTOGEA is a complementary for dogs and cats advisable to get a healthy, strong coat and an elastic skin especially when animals are more stressed out. It’s a very good nutritional supplement helpful in case of:
- hair loss or frail hair
- food want
- allergy
- hormonal disorders
- female dogs during nursing
- during moulting thank to the Biotin which makes easier hair loss, that will grow up healthy and with a better pigmentation.

1 pill (500 mg) contains: Fish Oil Ω3. Integration/kg: Biotin 1 g, Zinc 10g.

Directions for use

Cats and small and medium size dogs: 1 pill once a day
Large size dogs: 2 pills twice a day

MANTOGEA PILLS can be opened and mixed with food or administered directly in the pet’s mouth.
Administer for about 15 days, at least.