BALDECCHI SNC has a long experience in formulating and producing articles for the hygiene of animals and of the places where they live; they are glad to put their experience at other enterprises' disposal.
They have been producing for enterprises leaders of the Italian market for years and have exclusive right for some products.
BALDECCHI SNC put at other enterprises' disposal their production department. The manufacturing lots for cold-worked liquid products are 100, 500 and 1000 litres, while for warm-worked products the manufacturing lots are of 400 litres; the lots for powder products are of 240 litres.
The products may be packaged or delivered loose in drums or tanks.
The packaging section is able to package all the sizes between 5 and 20.000 ml, as far as liquid products are concerned, with a maximum production of 2000 pieces for hour (packages of 100 ml).
The labelling machine is versatile and can label both round sectioned and flat faced bottles.
BALDECCHI SNC is disposed to store clients' bottles, boxes and labels waiting for packaging, and to keep finished goods in their storehouse for a short while.
The BALDECCHI SNC's departments and the services they offer are the following:

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