Products for dry cleansing & Powders

Our animals’ hygiene is important, no need to remind that. On the one hand it is necessary to eliminate dirt tending to accumulate on their hair and skin, in order to avoid cutaneous problems which may arise; on the other hand we should consider that people and animals share the same places of life to a greater and grater extent, making necessary their hygiene, also to safeguard our health. In the summer months, solving the problem is quite easy: our four-legged friend will appreciate a bath with specific products; but when it is cold, securing a proper hygiene to our animal, and consequently to the places where it lives, may be a problem: common owners of animals aren’t usually endowed with professional hair-dryers, able to dry the animal’s hair in a short time; for this reason, the possibilities for our friend to catch a cold increase. A very good solution to the problem are products for dry cleansing, practical and efficacious, allowing us to clean our animal without water, in an easy way and in a short time, avoiding it may catch a cold.