Cleansing Products

Washing our four-legged friend is useful to eliminate contaminating substances which tend to accumulate on their hair and skin. There are many polluting agents in the environment we live in (dust, noxious substances, car gases) and our cutaneous barrier need to be protected from these substances. If on one hand we can wash our animal at longer or shorter intervals, we should guarantee a daily cleaning of our animal. This is important not only for the animal itself, but also for us, as men tend to share the places where they live with animals to a greater and greater extent. If a proper cleansing is the basis for our cat’s or dog’s beauty, the synergy of selected substances (extracts, components with different properties existing in nature) brings about excellent quality and perfect effectiveness of a product for every kind of skin and hair: an hygienical product has to take into consideration differences and to satisfy the needs of each typology. All the Baldecchi’s Shampoos and Baths are concentrated and must be diluted, but they can be used also pure depending on the animal’s need.

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