Litter Deodorant with Enzymes Attractive


Litter Deodorant with Enzymes Baldecchi acts against the bad smell of pets’ dung.

Its particular formula enriched with enzymes eliminates bad smell and guarantees the hygiene of litter and house. Enzymes are lyophilized micro-organisms; damp and heat activate them and increase their reproduction and the production of secretions; these act on dung neutralizing its badly smelling components.

The absorbing substance contained in Litter Deodorant Baldecchi joins to organic molecules, facilitating their fast disgregating and the absorption of badly smelling gases.
There are two different varieties of the product:
• Litter Deodorant with Vanilla Fragrance: it spreads an agreeable vanilla perfume;
• Litter Deodorant with Attractive Fragrance: it has a double action: it perfumes the house and accustoms puppies to use the litter.
Litter Deodorant Baldecchi is innocuous both for animals and people.

It can be used also for litters of hamsters, birds, and so forth.


Zeoliti, Aerobic enzymes, Parfum.

Contains also:

Aerobic enzyms.