Baldecchi Sprint Cleansing


Baldecchi Sprint Cleansing is a cleansing product for washable surfaces with a high degreasing power; it is suitable for every kind of flooring, tiles, dog’s beds, cages, etc.

It has an agreeable fragrance; it absorbs bad smells and spreads a pleasant perfume of cleanness.

Baldecchi Sprint Cleansing has not side effects either on people or on animals; nevertheless, we recommend following the directions for use and avoiding contaminating foods and drinks and leaving the product within children’s reach.

Baldecchi Sprint Cleansing does not contain phosphorus.



Anionic surface active agents (< 5%), Non-ionic surface active agents (< 5%), Perfume.

Directions for use

Dilute 50 ml of product in 8-10 litres of water (dilution 1:200). Wash the surfaces with the solution using a cloth or another suitable means; rinsing is not necessary.

WARNING: Baldecchi Igiene Super does not produce any collateral effects neither on humans nor on animals; however, we recommend to follow the instructions of use, to avoid contamination of food and drinks and to keep the product out of the reach of children.