Anti-static Spray G


Anti-static Spray G is a cosmetic lotion indispensable to give the finishing touch to grooming; it is especially suitable for long-haired cats and before exhibitions.
Anti-static Spray G makes the hair soft and shining and gives it a beautiful draping.

Thanks to the presence of natural components, it carries out a lenitive action on the skin, in addition to deodorizing and leaving an agreeable fragrance. It doesn’t stain or oil.
The ecological packaging doesn’t contain propelling gas.


Cationic surface-active agents (< 5%), Potassium sorbate, Hexyl cinnamaldehyde, Perfume.

Directions for use

Spray the product on the cat against the lie of the hair and massage until it has been completely absorbed. Using a hair drier may be advisable to make the hair completely absorb the product and to give the coat more volume.

It’s advisable to use Anti-static Spray G before exhibitions in order to eliminate static on your pets’ hair: spray it on air so that the drops of the products may fall on the hair performing their anti-static action without wetting the coat.