MANTOGEA PLUS is a complementary feeds for dogs and cats is a complementary feed that makes the hair grow shining; it can be administrated during all the year especially before cat/dog shows.
It contains cystine, vitamins , zinc and omega-3:
- cystine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that, together with the cysteine from which it derives, is necessary for the keratinization process and is present in significant quantity in the cuticle of the hair. A poor diet of cysteine cause a great reduction of hair production and melanin synthesis.
- vitamins B5 and B6 help to prevent the hair thinning and loss;
- zinc is a component of many enzymes and it performs an anti-oxidant action;
- omega-3 contribute to keeping skin and coat looking healty.

1 pill (500 mg) contains: Fish Oil Ω3. Integration/kg: cystine 100 g, Vitamin E 40 g, Pantothenic Acid 20 g, Vitamin B6 8 g, Zinc 5,9 g.

Directions for use

we advise 1 pill once a day

MANTOGEA PLUS PILLS can be opened and mixed with food or administered directly in the pet’s mouth.
Administer for about 30 days, at least.