LENIDERMOGEA is a complementary feed for dogs and cats that, thanks to the calming and lenitive properties of its components, can be used as coadjuvant in every case of dermatological alterations accompanied by hair loss and/or loss of brightness of the hair and itching.

1 pill (500 mg) contains: Matricaria chamomilla, Ribes nigrum, Malva sylvestris, Helichrysum italicum, Fish Oil Ω3. Integration/kg:  Biotin 1 g.

Directions for use

Administering LENIDERMOGEA is easy:
< 10 kg: 1 pill per day
from 10 to 20 kg: 2 pills per day
from 20 to 40 kg: 3 pills per day
> 40 kg: 4 pills er day (in 2 administrations)

LENIDERMOGEA can be opened and mixed with food or administered directly in the pet’s mouth.