Restructuring Volumizing Cream G


Restructuring Volumizing Cream G is recommended for all defibrated coats in need of volume and vigour. It contains keratin, collagen and Vitamin B5. Collagen gives strength and vigour to the hair; keratin nourishes and restructures the cuticle of the hair; Vitamin B5 nourishes the hair from its root.

Using the Restructuring Volumizing Cream G the coat becomes smoother and the formation of knots will be reduced. The coat is well protected against external aggressions and appears smooth, full-bodied, and gorgeously shining.


Cationic surfactants (<5%), Perfume.

Contains also:

Keratin, collagen, Vitamin B5, wheat protein.

Directions for use

Generally Conditioning Creams have to be left on the hair for a few minutes in order to have hair and skin absorb the nourishing substances (the longer you leave it on the coat, the more substances will be absorbed; usually 5-7 minutes are enough); rinse and go on to drying.