Paste Shampoo G


Paste Shampoo G is an energetic shampoo that contains a high percentage of active substances. Even small quantities of product are enough to cleanse the coat perfectly.

We suggest you to use the product for the fisrt washing of your Persian, Himalayan or Maine Coon. Paste Shampoo G can change its consistency depending on the changes of temperature without loosing its efficacy.


Reg. 907/2006/EC

Anionic Surfactants (>30%).

Contains also:

Coconut oil.

Technical information

Paste Cleansing Products

The Paste Shampoos, due to its high percentage of active substances, guarantees optimum results using a very small quantity. Because of its highly degreasing and cleansing power the Paste Shampoos may be used solely diluted (up to 1:40), depending on the pet's needs. It should be noted, that once diluted even just 1:10, this product does not result irritant.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Don't dilute the Paste Shampoos directly in their packaging; prepare just the quantity of product you are going to use within the day. The solution may be prepared in the morning so that it will be easier to use during the day. Pour or sponge the solution on wet coat, massage, rub and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Always keep the packaging carefully closed. As a result of temperature changes and after a certain time the product might result less homogeneous, however maintaining its full efficaciousness. We suggest stirring the product to restore its original consistency.